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        Alot Tech Limited is one of leading professional manufacturer in luminous and electronic products, our factory is located in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Guangdong Province, China.

      The major products are Electroluminescent flashing wires, EL sheet, EL inverter, EL flashing sunglasses, EL panel, EL flashing panel, EL light, EL lighting backlight, EL display, EL advertising products, EL AD light in box, EL T tube slim lighting panel, EL vehicle gauge, EL lighting vehicle gauge, EL flashing shoelaces, EL flashing badges, EL flashing gifts, Colorful EL Wire, Super Bright EL Wire, Super Bright Chasing EL Wire, Top Brightness EL Wire, Cuttable EL panel for Car Gauge, Chasing EL Wire Inverter, Top Brightness Chasing EL Wire, EL Light, Flowing Wire USB charger for IPHONE, EL flashing presents, EL lighting car dashboard, EL cuttable lighting backlight, EL flashing t-shirt, EL flashing cap, EL Cable, EL line, EL flashing clothes, EL X' mas gifts, EL spring wire, EL toys, EL Electrical Wires, EL floating adverting ligh box, EL flashing car sign, EL wifi tshirt, EL flashing sweetie's dress, EL floating AD signs, EL flashing window cling, EL optoelectronic products, EL wires, flashing sweetie's dress, Chasing EL wire, Top quality Chasing EL wire, EL flowing EL wire, EL Wire costumes, USB Lighting Charger for IPHONE4, Chasing EL Wire charger for IPHONE5, Chasing EL Wire USB Charger for Samsung Moible Phone, EL flashing window cling, cuttable EL panel for cosplay clothes, top brightness chasing el wire in the world, lily white EL panel NOT bluish, super bright chasing el wire, ultra el wire in motion, lily white lighting EL wire NOT bluish, EL optoelectronic products, EL wiring, EL neon wire, EL stripe, EL flashing tape, EL spring wire, EL Electrical Wiring, EL flashing kid toys, EL flashing car sign, EL wifi t-shirt, EL flashing sweetie's dress, EL flashing window cling, EL optoelectronic products, EL flashing costumes, EL flashing cosplay material, EL wire, EL neon wire, EL glowing stripe, EL flashing tape, EL products, EL car accessories, EL flashing computer decoration, EL flashing ads panel, EL flashing products, EL glowing products, LED lamp, LED display, LED products.

super bright el wire 5mm aqua

     Since 1998, based on the strong power of technology R&D, alot tech limited has gained many customers'  trusts around the world for their superexcellent quality. We provide OEM and ODM service to the clients overseas, such as South Korea, United States, Russia, Japan, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Philippines, Singapore, India, U.A.E.-Dubai, Turkey, Cyprus, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Vatican, Egypt, Tunisia, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama Netherlands Antilles, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, UK, Taiwan, Hongkong, Middle-east and ASEAN countries etc.

      As the topping talents, all-around knight service, advanced technology, we offer user friendly, low cost and high quality professional products. We will try our best to combine clients' demands and the best technology to create a optimal solving scheme.

      Welcome to join us, we will be your  professional  and reliable business partner. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 1 hour:


Contact Person: Albert Cheng

24 hours hotline: +86-15889603780

Email:  elproducts88@gmail.com

Skype: cnelproducts

Complaint: info@elproducts88.com


Web: http://www.elproducts88.com




EL Panel

The application industry range of Luminescent ray

EL Luminescent ray (Luminescence ray) is also called luminescent neon tube which can be bent to random shape with the characteristic of waterproof and unheated. It can work in gear in the condition of -40--70. It is a kind of Hi-tech product which can provide 360 sect-sent lamp-house for its abundance of shine color, including red (bright red & pink), green (grass green & fluorescence green), blue, yellow, purple, orange and transparence etc. The bright and soft ray without radiation provides a newest choose of levity, practicality, safety and electricity-saved for designing new products.Electroluminescence could now be used in wire form for edge lighting, Light up signs, party centerpieces, costume lighting, landscape lighting, stage lighting, Neon art, and many other glowing products.

1. Motor industry

It can be used for the seat mat, seating, surcoat of the streering wheel, life belt, meter frame and the decoration inside. It has the overtake effect of high enjoyment that it can let you forget the tire of driving and has safe effect that it may prevent you from detracting your attention for its series of capability of constant bright, flashing and sound-control. We are exploiting more product around motor.

EL Equalizer Flashing T shirt Music Shirt

2. Computer product

It can be used in the transparency computer case, placed around inside, or enlaced the harddisk. As for the decoration around exterior, the function of constant bright, flashing and sound-control can help you to go into the high-enjoyment bourn of tasting relaxation at the busy working.

3. Christmas, new year gift

It can be used for decorating christmas tree, christmas card, christmas cartoon graphics, christmas craft, kinds of gift and craft for new year etc with the function of flashing, sound-control, light-control.

4. Toys, craft, dress, shoes and caps, bicycle, things for pets
It can be used for the series products of flashing toys, glasses frame, flashing neck-ring for dog, flashing cincture for dog, pack, schoolbag, caps, vanity, dress, shoelace, decoration on shoes, decoration for frame (wheel) of bicycle and the flashing hanging cincture of mobile ect. So that it can be urged on increasing the level of the product to degree of joying everyone.

5. Advertisement, Entertainment-consumption industry

It can be used for the decoration on household comsumable (portiere, curtain), arena and entertainment concourse, special good effect for movie product, light for club, manufacture of propagandizing fonts for product advertisement, advertisement for products, advertisement for tobacco and wine in saloon.

Our Conception:

>>Keep improving, pursue perfection

Our Core Value Idea:

>>Maximize customer's benefit

>>To obtain and maintain respect and faith by provide the best service to our customers

>>Try our best to create goal, opportunity and responsibility for the employees; to create imagination, enjoyment and profit for customer; to create opportunity, development and benefit for stockholder.

Our Quality Policy:

>>To innovate and practice, produce the high-quality and professional electroluminescent flashing products for the society.

>>To concern about customer, provide the best technology and credit to our customers.

>>To keep improving, pursue perfect products to satisfy our customers

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